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    Dog Toys

    I have heard so much about Kongs that i want to get one for my boxer,Olli. The bad thing is that i haven't found a store very close that has Kongs I went to Wal-Mart today and i found a similar toy by Hartz. I was wondering if anyone had one or knows of them?
    It doesn't seem to come in different sizes which is what worries me that he may not like it. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Is there a PetSmart on Pet Supermarket any where in your town? I found Kongs at the PetSmart and they come in lots of sizes. Even found one small enough for Ricky. Also, PetSmart has a website so you could order it through there if there are no stores in your area. Good luck and don't worry about it too much, dogs just want their humans to play with them with their toys, they don't really care what toy it is, as long as it comes with a human to toss it, roll it, etc.

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    I've ordered stuff from before, and they were great! I notice they have LOTS of Kongs to choose from in many sizes, plus similar toys to hide treats in--bone-shapes, space ships, cubes, etc. Looks like the prices are pretty good too.

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    Thanks for the info.
    The nearest petsmart is in Columbus (which is about 2 hours away!! ) Don't know of the other store. Do you know if Petland sells them? There is one about 45 min. - 1 hour away. I will look at the websites suggested too. Thanks again!

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    What area of OH do you live in?? I live in Upper Sandusky Oh. Do you live near a Pet Supplies Plus? They are several sizes or Meijer, I have seen them there too. I oredered mine off the net. I thing I got a 2 for one deal or something. If you go to you can get $10 off your first order, that makes it reasonable!!
    Let me know where you live!!
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