Just some of the thanks from people whose cats were honored as Cat of the Day! Let's make them all feel special.

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for all your sweet words .. I read them to Neo (while he's laying right beside me, deeply in his sweetest dreams, laying on his back like he always does).. and I hope he won't get arrogant or anything like that ha ha So again, thanks for making this day so much more special, here are some other pictures of him, I hope we made your day a bit brighter
Thanks & meow!!
Hello, I'm Mjau's owner!
Thank you so much! The reason he looks so healty is probarly because he get's really expensive cat food! up about 400,- Norwegian KR, which is like 80 dollars, I've figgured out.
So he is really good taken care of.
Again, thank you for such kind words for him, I'll tell him about it! ^^
Thank you all so much for the kind words!
thank you

thank you all for the wonderful comments, I read every single one of to her and she seem very happy