Hi my name is Tamara. I have a 1 1/2 year old LOVING kitty with CH that I sadly hao give up for adoption. He watched his mom die when he was a week old along with all of his siblings because of starvation. But he was a fighter, fighting to stay alive. I found him and nursed him back to health, he was so determined that's why I named him Leonitis (Leo for short). I raised him and love him dearly and he had so much to give back, to give to anyone who wanted some lovins. He doesn't walk but he flops and crawls to where he wants to go and can use the litter box and eat/drink on his own. recently I've begun my path in life and moved to NY but couldn't take him because of living conditions so I left him with my mom to "care" for him and she has proven not to care at all. She left Leo in the basement and would leave him to himself feeding him when she could and giving him water which wasn't the cleanest. I was horrified and Leo has come down with a UTI. I've come back to care for him and I think he may get better but I have to leave soon and he gets no love or attention from my mom. He's desperate for it when I come every now and again to visit. I'm with him now but can't stay too long and realized that he needs a loving home that understands his condition and will give him the constant love and affection he so yearns to give in return. I'm so sad to have to do this but he deserves so much better and I don't want to deprive him from it for my selfish attachments to him. Please someone contact me ASAP. I think if I leave him with my mom much longer she'll sneak and have him put down or worse just let him die. She doesn't understand his condition like we all do please help I'll send pics once contacted by email