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Thread: Update on Nyarly

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    Update on Nyarly

    Just thought that I would update you all on Nyarly our babysitting cat. He is not used to the three cats yet But we are slowly giving him time around Alison and Ashes and minus his constant hissing/meowing at them, he does nothing. I want him over it before Peaches because that's the cat I am worried about. If he does that to her, she is liable to take him serious and fight. I am still worried about those two.

    But the good news is that I got him to go to the living room and other places himself (although we still keep him in the room most of the time due to Peaches).
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    I must have missed (or forgot about) the thread introducing Nyarly. But it's great that you are taking it slow. You know your cats best. Although, sometimes they can surprise us.
    It sounds like Nyarly is not a permanent resident? Either way, sounds like you are doing a good job!
    Have you posted any photos of Nyarly?
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    Thanks for the update, it's good that think are looking okay so far, keep it up!
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