Hi Bumble! Happy Pet of the Day to you sweetheart, from all in this piggie loving home!
Oh, what an adorable name for one precious piggie, and what a stunning model you are for your amateur photographer guardian, too! No big surprise to hear you nabbed 3rd prize in your pet contest; you're irresistible! But there's no doubt that you're 1st in your person's heart, a blue ribbon winner each and every day! I've been a piggie lover/Mom most of my life, and know so well of the very special joy you wheekers bring to the lives of your people, and how lucky your young person is, having a furkid as beautiful, inside and out, as you, Bumble, your piggie pals Coconut and Miss Smiggle, too! As your human says, he/she couldn't wish for a sweeter, more loving pig, and I hope for you and she/he many, many more happy, love and wheek filled years together!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! I hope you and your piggie pals are all enjoying a very special, fun filled Pet of the Day...You sure deserve it! (My girl Ruby loved OJ too!)
Lots of love, cuddles and little kisses back at YOU, beautiful Bumble, and to Coconut and Miss Smiggle, too!