Hi Thumper! Happy Pet of the Day to you sweet bunny boy, and to your precious bunny bro and sidekick Patches, too! Oh, what a cute couple, what a precious pair you two make! You're a "classic," Thumper, and not only in your irresistible bunny adorableness (SO fluffy,hehe), but your NAME! You know, you do make many a heart go "thump!"
You truly are a gentle giant, Thumper, a beauty inside and out, and how lucky your family is to have a sweet and cuddly, gentle hearted best friend in you...and in Patches too...doubly blessed!
Hope you and Patches are enjoying a very special, fun and love filled Pet of the Day, sweetheart, being pampered royally and loved to pieces...You sure deserve it!
Lots of love and cuddles and little kisses to you, beautiful Thumper, and to Patches too!