Hi Cooper! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart, from this Labbie loving home, including my yellow girl, Star!
Oh, what a hunky handsome, quintessential Lab you are! If you're ever in need of a fun loving older lady, Star says to tell you she's available!

I'm not surprised to hear, that after the passing of your much beloved predecessor Willy, your family chose to welcome another Lab into their lives! It's the hardest thing, losing a much loved member of the family. But what a great job you're doing, Cooper, helping to heal their hearts, filling that empty space in their lives, with your joyful exuberance, your fun loving personality, and your unwavering devotion to your humans! You do Willy, and his legacy proud, sweetheart! And after all, it's hard not to smile with a goofy, fun loving, chicken slaughtering Labbie underfoot! You're everything we Lab lovers cherish in your beloved breed and then some, Cooper, and your family so very blessed to have a loyal and loving best friend for life in you!

What a wonderful Christmas gift your humans were given, that happy day you chose them to be your forever family! You are not only worthy of the title Dog of the Day, you're Dog of the Day each and every day of the year! What a happy life awaits you, Cooper, and I wish for you and your family, many, many more wonderful years together!

Thanks for starting my day off with a huge smile, sweetheart! Enjoy your big day on center stage, celebrating to the max with your humans, your doggie pals, all of your adoring friends and fans!
Lots of love and hugs, woofs and happy Labbie wiggles to you, beautiful Cooper, from me and Star!