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Thread: Litterbox etiquette

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    Litterbox etiquette

    I don't know if this issue has been addressed before, but I did a quick search and didn't see anything, so here goes.........

    Why do some cats not cover their poo after they place a deposit in the box? My son's cats are infamous for this - or at least one of them is since I've never witnessed it happening - and only smell the raunchy results of their haste to leave the scene. Sheesh - I'd be in a hurry too if I smelled that bad! It doesn't happen all of the time, but more often than not. The box is kept clean, so they can't blame it on being a dirty potty and they are in a hurry to get in, do what's needed, and then get out.

    I had cats for years and rarely had any problem like this. Any ideas on why they do this, and any way to correct it? It is definitely not a pleasant experience to be cooking in the kitchen, and then get a whiff of that aroma wafting all the way from the other end of the house. YUK!!!
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    Change the food to a high quality grain free food. This will eliminate the odor. If the cat is in such a hurry to escape, it "could" be the odor, or the cat may not be comfortable when going and needs to get away from the 'hurt.' Changing the food will help clear that up as well.

    Earthborn Holistics makes grain free cat food.

    The 3rd possibility is behavior and I have no clue how to train a cat to cover!

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    We're having an "Ask a Vet" show this Thursday, that would be a good question for them as well!
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    Oy Vey, I hear ya on that one. Our Mia does the same thing. She came from a shelter, we adopted her at 3. I swear, there was at least 200 other cats there that knew how to cover poo with litter. Ya think she would have picked that up, no. She on the other hand, leaps out and scratches the WALL, like forever. If I'm home, or awake, I congradulate her and tell her how great she is. Still reeks! Oh well, she's never covered her pooh. I figure as long as she goes in the litter box, all is fine. She is a very smart girl and excells in every other area! Spicemiester on the other hand, came with our house feral and took to the litter box and covered from day one. I think it depends on the age of the cat and the history. Some cats are eccentric and we will never get their number, unless it is a health problem, which cuz of the smell it may be. If it is an old cat, their urine and feces smell more disgusting simply because of their age.

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    Dear Auntie Pomtzu, I don't always "cover" after I use the litter pan. This has started as I have gotten older. Meowmy asked the V-E-T about it. The V-E-T told meowmy that since I'm the only kitty who uses this particular pan, I have decided not to bother sometimes. Has to do with my instinctive need to communicate that I'm in charge of this particular pan (even though there is no other kitty using it). If I don't cover, sometimes meowmy will scoop right away if she is in the room while I'm using the pan. Speaking of etiquette, though - could you tell her I'd like my privacy while I'm in there? She's going to say that I don't let her be alone in the bathroom but again - who's in charge here? Meeee!

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    I also have this problem and it's usually Ziggy. She can leave some real stink bombs and I do feed them all high quality grain free cat food. I've heard that leaving the poop uncovered is a sign of dominance. I think it's also a case of just being lazy. Many of my boys don't bother to cover up their pee either. My RB Storm used to go into the litter box and then he'd cover up everything that the other cats left uncovered. He was a very tidy cat.
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