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Thread: 2012 Christmas/Holiday Card Swap

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    2012 Christmas/Holiday Card Swap

    Hello hello.. it's that time of year again.. almost.. :P ..

    I was informed Lut was not able to organize this year's card swap due to health reasons.. so here I am.. I will be helping this year.. and whenever I'm needed of course

    so, basic "rules" are:

    1.- be over age 16 or have your parents agree to sing up (we are all trusty but some may have concerns about you giving your address, esp if you recently joined) (I will check personally so there are no suspicious signers, everyone needs to be at least 3 months old to the forum, PTers under age 16 will have to PM Karen so she's gives me green light to add you)

    2.- send your full address to my email [email protected] (add dot com obviously )
    (full name, address, zip code, country, email to send the list to, names of pets if you want, as well as your Pet Talk name) no one will have your address but me, and those who sign up for the swap. I will not be posting or sending your info to third persons out of the card swap people and it will be sent via email

    3.- once the deadline arrives (Nov 11th), I will send an email with all the addresses of the ones who signed up.

    4.- you MUST to send a card to ALL the people in the list, they'll all be sending one to you and they will be expecting one back too.

    5.- cards can be bought, printed or handmade.. whatever you feel like.. they are all appreciated the same

    6.- you must consider the postage: we have had folks from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, Mexico.. so check your post office for prices so you can be 100% sure before you sing up. average signers go from 20-40 people.

    to check prices from USA:
    to check prices from Canada:

    7.- also consider delivery times: usually takes around 7-15 days for overseas/internationals to be delivered while locals can take less time, but since it's holiday season you might want to send the foreign ones first

    8.- deadline to send your info is Nov 19th, but you can headstart the cards and just leave the envelopes til I send you the info, as signers will be listed in the next post

    I think that's all.. if you have any doubts you can post here, PM me or email me.. you can also check past card swaps to get an idea
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