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Thread: Tshirt status update??

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    Tshirt status update??

    I was just wondering what the status on the tshirts is?? Is this definitely happening, or is it still in the "idea" stage?? I am definitely interested! Thanks!

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    Hi Cookiebaker,
    If you check the other T-shirt info thread you can choose your size. We are waiting to see the new logo from Karen, she said that she hoped to have it done this weekend. Once she has that in we will have several designs to vote on. We also need to decide if they will be short or long sleeved T-shirts. I will start a new thread to decide that. So yes it is a slow process but we hope to get it done.
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    Yep! The sooner we decide the sooner I get get them printed and shipped out. Just waiting like VermontCat said.
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