I would like to introduce my beautiful cat. His name is Neo, and he is a Chartreux. As you can see, he's really beautiful. He has these perfect eyes you want to wake up to see in the morning - and I'm not speaking of a human. He has this glow in his eyes, which makes you really happy just by staring into them. But he's not only beautiful on the outside; his character is just as beautiful. He is quiet but funny at the same time, and he's elegant but clumsy as well. His right eye is a bit smaller than the other and sometimes we think he can't see that well, because he runs against chairs or glass doors. When he's hungry, you will find him laying down at your feet on his back, putting a paw against you but not hurting you. It's like he's saying "hey, I don't want to disturb you, but I'm hungry... Would you mind giving me something?" and that's what makes him different: He's really gentle, in everything he does. I hope you like his pictures and him as much as I do!
Good morning, gorgeous blue-grey Neo! I wanted to reach right through the monitor to pat your plush coat in the first picture -- it looks so soft and smooth! I like your portrait with the flowers and the bright colored wall- they both set off your color perfectly! I agree with what your person has written, your eyes glow and make me happy! I'd love to be the recipient of one of your gentle "Please feed me" touches and I would be delighted to serve your dinner to you! Your out-stretched paw pictures are sooo cute! You have adorable kitty feets! Here is a gentle kiss *mmwah!* from me to you, for your special day. Happy Cat of the Day to you, gentle, quiet, most handsome Chartreux Neo!