......at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

We took a drive today, just to visit, put feelers out, maybe get some advice from someone more experienced in placing kitties, and, well, just to get a bit of a kitty fix. PS Animal Shelter is about a 1/2 hour 45 minute drive for us, but there were several of their kitties I saw on petfinder.com that I wanted to meet. I finally convinced Terry that I would NOT be bringing a kitty home so away we go.

Almost the second we walked in the door the old bag (OB) behind the counter had an attitude - as if she was soooo busy and we were bothering her. I started to explain how we just lost Robin and we're looking for a new sister for Jackie. I then tried to explain how he's blind so we need a kitty that is friendly and won't get upset when he bumps into her. OB practically cut me off to explain, "after all, we're just a shelter." I told her I understood that, but there was a room full of cats right there that obviously got along. She hrmphed and started telling me about one kitty that might work. She was listed as a year old, had had kittens "way too young" (as if to imply it was our fault kittens were having kittens and SHE had to deal with it) and blah, blah, blah. I tried to interject that I didn't want a kitty that young but she just kept cutting me off and kept talking.

We ended up with the sweetest little girl in my lap in a room when Terry asked if she was declawed - innocent enough question - and OB practically grabbed the kitty out if my lap and told us in no uncertain terms we would NOT be adopting one of their kitties because there is NO way we would pass the initial......inspection (forgot the term she used) if we intended to declaw. We never said we would or that we even wanted to, Terry just asked a simple question! Terry got upset at her attitude and walked out and she huffed off, both leaving me standing with no kitty in my arms.

Like I say, she had a negative attitude towards us from the minute we walked in. Don't know if she was having a bad day or what, but I can assure you they'd adopt a lot more cats out if sour puss wasn't around to turn people off!