Good morning, dear Chester! I know you ! You are so handsome, shiny and beautiful! I didn't know the story of how you came to be with meowmie. You must have been such a terrified little guy! I can say with absolute certainty that you chose the right tree to hide in that night. Meowmie gently coaxed you out of the tree and into your forever home! I would love to play the plastic lid game with you! I remember meowmie saying that you're good at keeping up your side of a conversation and chatting about all sorts of topics You could tell me all about your brothers and sisters ... it must be lots of fun to be around them every day! Please have meowmie give you tons of hugs, snuggles, petting and lovies for me -- and about elebenty thousand kisses -- and some for all your kitty siblings too, please xoxoxoxoxo !! Happy Cat of the Day to you, charming sweet, precious Chester!