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    I have a female and a male chiauha,and they place good togetheir,but when we put them in the kennel my female jumps on my male dog

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    Hi, welcome to PT! Just a few questions first.... are they spayed and neutered? Is there any possible way to keep them in separate crates? Females tend to be more dominant, and if one/both aren't spayed or neutered that will only add to the dominance factor. But an easy fix would simply be to keep them crated separately to avoid the aggression she is displaying toward your male. Spaying and neutering will help, too.


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    Are they really fighting, or is it play? How old are each of them? Sorry for so many questions, but it does matter!
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    Fighting is common habit of all breeds as sometimes they play by jumping on each other and sometimes they quarrel between themselves.oneclick pets


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