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Thread: Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Heidi

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    Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Heidi

    Heidi on her walk today on her 2nd Anniversary with us.She clawed at me to go,wasn't very far and met neighbor Diane Ogden Heidi rolled over for a belly rub,she got excited and peed,I got her to stand up so it wouldn't get on her,a little further on on Southway Drive met a Collie at its home and the two owners who were out on the front porch sitting down,Heidi got pets from them.Hard to believe Heidi has been with us that long,I remember the day well,we went after church and we looked at 2 of them,her brother Spike first then Heidi,Heidi cuddled with Mom in her coat then my lap,one of the parents came over and gave me kisses on the face.Before we went ,Heidi's Mom licked her face to clean it,Heidi does the same with us or tries to.She goes to the groomer tomorrow so will look pretty,glad we got our walk in just rained buckets,still now and somewhat windy.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.


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