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Thread: Haven't been here in awhile...but I'm back! :)

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    Haven't been here in awhile...but I'm back! :)

    I realized I haven't been on PT much the past month and I miss it! I started school the end of August as a freshman and it's been pretty hectic. It's pretty rare that I actually get free time throughout the week. I've been super busy. I take six classes: biology, chemistry, English, algebra, college skills (which is mandatory for every freshman to take,) and stable management. I just received my mid term grades and so far I am passing all my classes, except for biology. Biology is like a completely foreign language to me, I do not understand any of it. I started to see a tutor once a week and that has been helping me a lot. So hopefully I can pull up my grade before the semester ends.

    I go to Delaware Valley College, so it is an agricultural school. The farms as well as the animals are absolutely beautiful! Going from living in the city to living on a campus with so much farmland was the greatest decision of my life. My mom just mailed me my camera two days ago. However, lately the weather hasn't been very nice so whenever the sun decides to show I'll make sure I will get some good pictures.

    Since I am an equine science major, I am required to take care of a horse throughout the year for my stable management course. This includes going down to the barn everyday to groom them and take them outside to get exercise. I was assigned a mare. Her name is Pacific Pleasure, just Pleasure for short. She is the absolute sweetest thing! I adore her so much.

    Here's the pretty girl!

    Me and Pleasure:

    Not only is she a great horse, but she is a great soon-to-be mother! She's pregnant and is due late March around the 25th. I am super excited. It is going to be such a great experience seeing her give birth and care for the foal afterwards. March cannot come soon enough!

    I went home last weekend to see my family. Snow and Lucky are doing great. Snow slept with me that night, I guess she missed me a little bit. Lucky got a lot bigger and a lot more naughty; he bit my sister when she tried to take him out of his cage. Other than that, everything is going really well and I'm glad to be back!

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    Welcome back, and just a suggestion:

    There's a very, very broad knowledge base on Pet Talk, someone might be able to help if you have specific questions you're having issues with on your classwork. There are also a bunch of other college kids who might be taking similar classes, so ask, you never know what happens!

    (I REALLY wish I wasn't allergic to well, almost everything in a stable besides the horses. )
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    Del. Val. is a beautiful school, I am so glad you are enjoying it I have/am still considering going there! I am so jealous you get to live near all that farmland. Sorry to hear about Biology, I am in Biology 101 (very basic) as well, so I can *MAYBE* help you. I have a C right now, but I WILL be pulling it up. It's the biochem crap I don't understand well. We just got to the functions of the organelles, so, I am starting to do a little better.

    "Your" horse is gorgeous and what a cute picture. I hope can't wait to see the foal!

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    Oof, biology I had bio 101 and chemistry 101 my first semester of nursing school, and I recall nothing making sense! Good luck and I hope the tutoring is very helpful!

    What a gorgeous horsie and what a neat experience that she is expecting!
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    And don't forget, our own Pet Talker jenluchenbach is a Del Val alumn, so she's be good to ask questions of as well! We once had a Pet Talk gathering on your campus several years ago!
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    While I cannot help you AT ALL with Biology, I must say Pleasure is just beautiful! And I really like her due date (that's my birthday!).
    Thanks for stopping in to update us. And I look forward to lots more photos!
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