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Thread: Questions on dealing with no kill shelters

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    I really think you should go meet Apricot Rose.
    They posted some new photos of her on the link you posted at the beginning of this thread and she is so cute snuggled up on a bed with a bunch of stuffed animals!
    It also says she really loves people and really wants to live with another cat, I think she would be a very loving cat to add to your family.
    RIP sweet Samantha

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    The FEMALE thing

    I tend to agree about female cats being bossy, at best. BUT, my Lucy is about as laid back as any one cat can be. She isn't bothered by anything or anyone. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. I hope Apricot Rose might be that exception. I just fell in love with her immediately. Of course, your heart will guide you through this event. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazyaboutkatz View Post
    I also agree that male cats seem to do better in multiple cat homes. Both of my females are very bossy and territorial and they only accept Sky now. They won't accept any of their younger brothers. I would recommend another orange male because they tend to be very laid back and easy going. Good luck.
    Unless your name is Sam, then you are a bossy, only cat, orange cat that likes humans only. Bob is a laid back orange cat. Jane likes and plays with my males. She's bossy only with the other females. Interesting.

    So keep our observations in mind, but visit Apricot Rose and observe how she interacts with the shelter cats. That should tell you the most.

    Good luck
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