Now that Jackie is an only cat, it's time to start looking for a friend for him. I got Jackie from a kill shelter thinking he was in more dire straits than a cat in a no kill shelter. Generally kitties in no kill shelters aren't under a time frame for euthanasia like kill shelter kitties are.

However, this time I feel I need to know more about the cat before bringing it home. With Jackie being blind, I need a kitty that is a real sweetheart and doesn't have a problem with Jackie bumping into her on occasion. When he accidentally bumped into Robin, she got all bent out of shape and hissed and swatted at him - not knowing what was coming next, he generally cowered, and even though Robin was a total daddy's girl, Terry got really upset when Jackie cowered. Therefore, there will be no tolerance of a new kitty being mean to Jackie - thus my need to know more about them before bringing them home.

I've been on and there are a few ladies I'm interested in, but we're not quite ready to adopt yet since we're not "home" yet and a few other various reasons. So my question is, is it ok to send inquiries about the girls I'm interested in or should I wait so I don't get anybody's hopes up unnecessarily?

Robin kind of just "fell into our lap" after Peanut died, so Terry kind of wants to see if that will happen again, but I guess I'm a little more's so quiet around here......

Anyway, let me know what you all think - do I inquire or do I wait? It should only be a week or two more before we're ready for a new personality.