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Thread: Lovely Lea

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    Lovely Lea

    Lea, you are a sweet horse! I like the photo of you bowing in prayer. I taught my horse Tim (previous POTD) to bow, shake his head and paw the ground. We shared a bond like you do with your devoted guardian. He lived to be in his thirties, so you have lots of life left to enjoy. Happy POTD, pretty Lea!

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    Hello Lea, it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful sweet horse such as yourself. It is obvious from the writeup that your human loves you very much. I'm sorry to read that you're getting swaybacked and hope it takes a very long time before it's really obvious. I'm also hoping that your owner will not get rid of you when or if you get really swaybacked. From what I read, I think she will keep you forever because you two are so close and you would miss your human so much and vice versa. Not only are you pretty but you're smart, good natured, and sweet as well. I hope you two have many more years together. Congrats on being POTD!

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    Lea, horse of a lifetime!

    Hi Lea! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart! What a lovely lady you are, Lea! That shot of you "bowing in prayer" pulls at my heart strings, brings a tear to my eye!

    I was so moved by your human's loving tribute to her beloved best friend. You truly ARE amazing, Lea; beautiful, talented and athletic, with the sweetest personality imaginable! AND you're a hero to boot, having saved your human's life on more than one occasion! No wonder you have so many adoring friends and fans, Lea! You're a gentle giant with a heart of pure gold, and all who cross your path are truly blessed, and none more so than your human, having a soul mate, a best friend for life in you; a devoted friend through the good times and bad! What a very special bond of love and trust you two have forged, and there's no doubt you were destined to be together! I'm sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis of sway back, Lea. But it's clear you still have a whole lot of living and loving to do, with so many more cherished times with your human to look forward to, and that's just what I wish for you both...many, many more wonderful years of shared love and companionship!

    Thanks to your person for sharing your beautiful self; your heart melting pics and inspirational story with us all. Meeting you has brightened my dark and rainy day more than I can say! Now, I would really like to know how you put that halter and bridle yourself!
    Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, sweetheart, being pampered to pieces, treated to all your BIG heart desires, and more!
    Lots of love and a huge *hug* to you, beautiful Lea! (Please have your Mom give you a favorite treat, for me!)

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    Lea what a beautiful girl you are!!!

    Your wonderful pictures sure made me smile. I wish I could kiss your sweet nose. What fun it must be having you as a best friend. Please thank your loving human for sharing you with us. I hope you have many many more years of fun together.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Hello Lea,
    I am sitting her chuckling, as one thing your human did not say: Lea is a camera hog! But we can see this for ourselves, you are such a ham once that camera appears! So we got to s"see" a bit of your personality as well as reading about you. The pic of you doing your bow shows how graceful you are.

    What a lovely lady, and how nice that you understand brushing, hoof trimming, and even shots are necessary and can be tolerated.

    I hope you get an extra treat today as you celebrate this special day. Hooray for Lea!

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    I sure was happy to see Lea as POTD today, what an outstanding, magical horse! Love the nostril shot too, reminds me of my husband Hope the day was a great one for Lea and her family, peace and love

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    You're a beauty Lea! Congrats on being POTD!
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