Hi Kiky! Happy Pet of the Day!!!
What a gorgeous Gecko girl you are, Kiky! Your coloring and markings are so striking, and just as your human says, you sure know how to strike a pose, and doesn't the camera love you. Those huge brown eyes of yours are heart melters for sure...love that little pink tongue, too!! (Your Gecko sister Kimi is beautiful as well, but we won't tell her!) Yes, you're a beauty, but even more beautiful in heart and spirit! What a lucky soul your human is, having a Gecko as sweet and gentle, as filled with personality as you! (You even help with her homework!) OK, so, you have those occasional "jealous" moments, hehe. But no worries sweetheart, in your Mommy's eyes you'll always be #1
Thanks to your family for sharing your precious little self with us all! You truly are one EXTRA special Gecko girl, Kiky, and so very deserving of your "top pet" honors!
Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, sweet one, celebrating to the max with your person and sister Kimi, being spoiled to the max!
Love and gentle cuddles to you, beautiful Kiky, and to Kimi, too!