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I would fathom a guess that if an owner went thru expense and trouble of gettin a kitty declawed, and it is at a shelter, there are issues that developed as a result of the mutilation. Growing up (in the 70's), my best friend got a kitten and had it declawed (actually,obviously her parents did). That kitty went from a sweet loving thing to a vicious little thing. It would agressively attack and bite with no provocation. I remember how it broke my heart right after the surgury, his wee paws still bandaged and he jumped down off a chair. You could see him wince in pain as he sat up on his hind legs, front paws held up.
If you are referring to Bertie, she was grumpy because she wanted to be an only kitty. She was suffering stress from abandonment and was dealing with 5 other kitties. I'm sure there are numerous posts in General or Cat General about her (Oct 2011 - Dec 2011). She ran and played despite her weight and wasn't in pain. she was happy with people. My friends and I do not think she was abandoned because of behavior issues.

But in general you are correct. That much physical trauma can make an animal act out. Pain is not an easy thing to live with. This is sad.