Hi everyone. Some of you may have read that Molly was put to sleep last weekend.

Daisy is now ill. She was rushed to the vet last night after throwing up a mixture of bile and saliva -- she wouldn't move and was very uncomfortable. She had a high fever when we brought her in and X-rays and blood work were done. Bloat was ruled out and pancreatitis was ruled out as well, for the most part. She has started to bleed from her rectum and refuses to eat or drink so they are keeping her overnight again. She's hooked up to an IV and other medication to keep her hydrated. An abdominal ultrasound is going to be performed on her tomorrow to see if there is a tumor/cancer.

She was brought to the vet 48 hours ago for a routine senior exam -- her blood work and urine came back excellent, her heart was in amazing condition. A couple days later, I now have a dog fighting for her life.

Please keep my baby girl in your thoughts and prayers, I want her home and back to normal very soon. I can't lose both of my babies within a week's time.

Thank you.