It's been nice. Tiring. Monday through Thursday I cam home and put my feet up and didn't move.

The job is from 11:20 to 3:30 but I get there about 10 AM to plan rather than plan at home. It's a combination 4/8 period day. AB Block schedules with skinny classes. Freshman are on an 8-period day. My schedule runs like this. Third Block or 5/6 periods I have Geometry Tech on "A" Day and CP on "B" Day. Fourth Block or 7/8 periods, I have Algebra 1 Part 1 both periods. The Algebra 1A students were in Algebra 1 but were failing so badly at progress report they are being moved to my classes if the parent agrees. I did have a Geometry Honors, but these students were morning students and it was messing up a lot of schedules, so they cancelled that and started a new class. The Geom H kids liked their teacher and their classmates even though there were a lot of them in it.

So I have to move classes. Fourth block is in the same room every day now. The science teacher graciously allowed me to use it because she has her lab she can use.

On "A" day I use a math room and on "B" day I use a science room for 3rd block. I have a small tote but they have a cart on order. The had me going upstairs for 4th block but that meant travelling through a high traffic area with students tripping over me and me over them. And moving for both skinnies. Thank heavens for elevators. But those rooms were also English and Social Studies Rooms. There were smart boards in the rooms but I couldn't interact with the boards with the pen because tables were in front of each board. So I requested a change.

These people are so much better. When the new boss called my references he called people at the previous school, like the math coordinator who is also a friend. She's an honest friend so it works. I asked and he said he knew my previous boss and didn't need to call him. I told him a little of what was up. Hmmmm Even bosses have reputations.

Lots more to tell or relate but it can wait.

As an aside. After a week of walking I have so much more energy. I do not see how diabetics survive in jobs that have them sitting all day. I knew that was part of the problem at the two previous schools. And working out after school isn't sufficient. I may keep on as a travelling teacher if they decide to keep me.