So things are looking up? NOT!!!!!

I have one credit card that I am using. I do have some debt on others, mostly the car and then some spending stress reliever.

Anyway, I have actually been managing my savings, using the one card, trying to stretch things out so that I can make it well past first paychecks and working odd jobs to get back into the swing of things.

So the card I am using decided that I had been using it too much. (what's funny is a few months back I had actually paid it down considerably with savings)

I found out today that they cut the credit limit back by 60% on Wednesday. And increased the APR. And I can't go on hardship because my card is still in good standing. I have to default first before I qualify for hardship. That is the most dumba$$ thing I have ever heard. I couldn't talk these people into anything. The bank that has my car title agreed to look at it. I convinced them it was better for me to reduce payment amounts by a percentage than to repossess the car or then make arrangements through a credit counseling agency.

I know I should have found another way to relieve my stress from the last three years. It is my opinion though that a nonviolent means of stress reduction was preferable to smacking the $h1t out of my boss.

I have argued with the company all day and gotten nowhere. I was not nice after a while. I tried nice. I got a bunch of lies and runarounds.

Don't worry. I'm not close to going into default which I have never done. I do have savings and some IRAS that I could cash out. Trying to avoid that. But I am thinking ahead now that my brain is in working order again.

The only positive thing about these conversations is that I was able to vent and yell and didn't gasp for breath once. Whew and Whoa! Or is it Wooo-Hooooo?