Good morning Wonder! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart!
I'm honored to kick off your Pet of the Day thread, Wonder, and what a most deserving honoree you are! I so enjoyed reading your human's heartfelt, love filled tribute to her dream horse come true! As she/he says, you two have only been together for a short while, but already you two have forged one amazing bond of love and trust...what a team! And though you may still be a bit "green," with "lots to learn," one thing is for certain, the love and devotion you have for your person didn't require instruction, it comes straight from the heart! How lucky your human is, having been blessed with a best friend as sweet and loving and affectionate as you!

Thanks for starting off my day with a BIG smile, beautiful girl! Enjoy a very happy day of celebration, and every minute of your wonderful life!
Lots of love to you!, beautiful Wonder!! Please have your person give you a favorite treat and a *hug* for me!