She is a lovable dog who runs the house. She keeps our two Yellow Labradors in check and loves to herd them around. Whenever you come home, she is the first one to greet you and love you. She loves to be held in your arms, and sit on your lap. She is adventurous and hardly anything scares her. She knows when you are not feeling well or are having a bad day, and will not leave your side. She is the best companion a person could ask for. We love her!
Good morning, absolutely adorable Abigail! I'm so thrilled to greet you this morning! I think you are just beautiful with your light brown and white Corgi coat! Resisting your brown eyes would be futile for me I would be delighted to sit down and make a lap for you, or watch you herd your Labbie siblings! How wonderful that you are such a diligent nurse to your people when they're not feeling well or not having a good day I got to meet you and find out what a treasured family member you are. Sending tons of cyber hugs and kisses to you, sweety and some for the Labbies too. Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet Abigail!