Im a newbie here but have spent some time reading...apparently other pet owners are having a similar problem I am. Here's the scoop on my problem.

My 6 year old male cat stopped using the litter box when my husband and I separated a year ago...but we are back together now for about 4 months...and the problem has not stopped. I have 3 cats, 4 litter boxes, 3 self cleaning within 10 minutes of being used, and one large covered littler box. We have srcubed the room down, tried various different litters, I have scolded him and crated him, thinking he may figure out poop on the floor equals crate time out. He has been vet checked for health issues, and got a clean bill of health. He is always been a very loving kitty, but I am at the point I dont know what else to do. He is strickly an indoor kitty, except for when it is time to go to the vet, he never goes outside.

I have consulted many people trying to get different ideas. One person suggested I put his favorite blankie on the floor were he is making a mess, and this morning I got up and not only did he poop on is blankie, but peed on it also and on the mat in front of the litter boxes. I have a 9 year old cat, then him, and a 4 year old kitty. They all get along very well. Dunno, I do know I am getting very frustrated. He is killing my hardwood floors.

Please help,

Thanks in advance