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    Oh Brandy, it breaks my heart when I read about sweet boys like you that were abused in the start of their lives. I am so glad you were rescued by such a wonderdful family. Happy well deserving dotd!

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    Wow, Brandy! Such a young fellow and a sad start in life. Now you have a wonderful new beginning, though! You are part of a loving, caring family where you can snuggle with your person, sleep in the big bed and enjoy the life you are meant to have. I love the second picture of you running at the beach! Please have your person give you an enormous hug from me today. Perhaps a cookie too, to celebrate your special day! Hugs and loves to your dog-sibling as well Happy Dog of the Day to you, awesome Brandy!
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    Brandy, how nice to see you as dog of the day! I am sure you are enjoying your new life! You are a beautiful boy!

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    Hello Brandy, I am pleased to meet you. You are one of the lucky ones I think. I just googled galgos in Spain and saw horrible pictures. Lucky sweet boy! I'm sorry any of you have to die. Yes, for a pup you are a big boy but I'm sure you are enjoying your ife now. You have a wonderful home and can run for fun. I hope you and your family have many years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Beautiful Boy !

    I love the sight hounds !

    Brandy is wonderful !

    They curl up so small compared to their size really !

    Thankyou for rescuing him.. and to him for rescuing you.

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    Brandy is priceless! I love that such a kind family is giving him a great life and so much love The picture of him running like the wind on the beach filled me with joy! Thank-you so much, peace and love and lotsa smooches to Brandy please


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