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Thread: RIP Scooter and Stromboli

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    RIP Scooter and Stromboli

    It was a strange few days.

    On Monday, I got a text saying that Scooter was put down. I kind of knew it was coming since he hadn't been sound in 6 months and despite all rehab attempts, was still in pain. It wasn't fair to make him weather a MI winter in the hopes that a miracle might occur and he might be sound/happ enough to be sent off to a neighboring farm as a pasture puff. It's still upsetting, though. I rode Scooter for over 4 years. He was the first horse I ever fell off of and the horse who got me up to coursing 3'. He was an invaluable school horse and taught countless kids to be soft and quiet riders. He was great for introducing people into the show ring whether it be as a hunter or a jumper. He was also the most laid-back, sweet-tempered TB I've ever met. He was pretty awesome.

    Also, Stromboli blooped his last bloop on Tuesday. It's probably because we got him from Meijer, a place notorious for their terrible care of fish. He was half dead when we brought him home, and never entirely regained his health. We did have him for about a month, though. Not entirely sure why he ended up dying, but I would assume it's because of his circumstances prior to living in my room.
    We're debating on whether or not to acquire another fish eventually (we probably will), and where we'll even get one (not Meijer).

    So. It was a weird week.
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    Aw, I am so sorry for your losses. Scooter was special from your description. RIP Scooter And Stromboli had a month in good waters.

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    Aww, rest in peace, gents.
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    Gosh, I am sorry for your losses. May they both rest peacefully.


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