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Thread: Hi, Emily!

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    Congrats on being COTD. I'm so happy you found a wonderful home and family. My male cats were more cuddly then the females too.

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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    Emily's a "Dancing Queen"...

    One of the cutest kitties I've ever seen!

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    Hello Emily,
    You look so much like my Cuddles, and your story has many parallels to her life, as well.

    That was a special day, that day at the vet office, when this family came in and made the decision to take you rather than the other kittens. They saw your potential. And you have been allowed to mature and grow into the loving kitty cat you always had hidden inside.

    My Cuddles - you can see her photo in my siggy - was stuck in a cage at the local animal shelter for over 6 months. When I adopted her, she was so frightened of big places, she wouldn't even come out of her carrier. The idea of a whole room was just too much space for her! I kept her in my spare bedroom for several weeks, going in to visit with her, talking to her, and letting my other cats in one at a time to get to be with her. I initially considered naming her "Phantom," but decided she needed a name she could grow into, rather than a name that would hold her back.

    Today, like you, my Cuddles delights in belly rubs. Her special place is on my bed, and yes she leads me there for her cuddle time! So similar to you sweet Emily. And like you she enjoys the company of all the other kitties here.

    Emily, I really laughed watching your video. What a pawsome dance routine! If that doesn't get you the treats, food and petting you are asking for, I sure can understand why you move up to nails and teeth, ha haaa. Sending you chin rubs pretty kitty. I suspect you will not have to ask too hard for extra treats today, and maybe some catnip will show up for you to enjoy as well!

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    Emily - you are so cute! You look like and behave like my Dust Bunny - she was a 'fraidy cat' too, when I rescued her from the streets as a kitten...she's still a 'fraidy cat' - lol!
    May everyday be Cat of the Day for you, Emily!

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    Sorry to comment a few days late but I just had to give Emily and her human their "props"!!! It truly is a wonderful story with a happy ending. It's so amazing how far Emily has come. My Suki (COTD in Aug) loves following me around when doing all the mommy duties too!!! She helps me tuck the little ones in every night! It's so sweet to have a little helper. And she too was the cat the opened my eyes to the world of rescue. So glad you've joined COTD! Congrats!


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