Morgan is our Friend and fellow Cat Lover at Our Monday Place to dine , Union Burger on Centennial Parkway in East Hamilton.
They have great Burger Wraps on Monday with Salads so all our Angels can dine.
Woody was Morgans Dear Friend for almost all of his 16 years, he was found by Morgans Dad , all covered in oil, and as lost a Kitten as you could have.
Morgan is a beautiful White Cat , and is sorely missed by Morgan, who had his friendship most of her life.
Morgan is with Our Awesome Angels Army now with his wings of Silver and Gold, and Morgan tells me that she catches glimpses of Morgan in his familiar places once in a while. Woody is making sure that his Dear Guardian is all right.
Morgan is a Great Cat Angel and will start looking for a place where he and his Best Friend can be reunited in love.
One Fine Day