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Thread: THOMSON, IL: SAFE! (see msg.4) 2 Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats to be shot if not removed by winter-

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    THOMSON, IL: SAFE! (see msg.4) 2 Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats to be shot if not removed by winter-

    Please contact Debbie: [email protected] or visit the chip in link below if you can:

    Donations for rescue of 2 CH Kitties in Thomson Ill.!
    If you can help transport please email [email protected]

    This is a dire and urgent situation, a very very bad situation! We are desperately trying to find someone to rescue these kitties so we are starting a Chipin in the event a rescue can be found to cover transport and vetting to the rescue group or person to step up and help! The key here right now is to get these cats safe !

    Here is what the story is and what we are working with here! Below the photo of the CH Kitties is what we recieved from the poor girl who wants her beloved cats saved .

    Click image for larger version. 

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    hi my name is peggy from thomson illinois and i have two ch kittys desperately in need of a home my mother their owner abandoned us and i am living with my aunt and she cant take them. they are currently at my cousins house where my mom, brother and i were living with our 6 cats.

    she met a guy and ran away with him while i was staying with my aunt trying to find a job and starved my 2 cats to death my cousin and i were under the impression that she had taken care of them and was going to be back the next day but she was just gone. my aunt cannot take them (she already took 2) and my cousin is going to shoot them if i cannot find them a home.

    i have no car and no income and am unable to travel anywhere. these cats are in bad shape ive been trying my best to take care of them but while taking care of my brothers financial aid for school (she also took several of his scholarship checks and cashed them) and trying to find a job i am unable to care for them like they need anymore.

    she wont answer any of our calls and is blaming the deaths of my cats on me. she has been gone for almost 3 months and my family and i have lost hope that shes coming back. these cats have to be gone before winter. he WILL shoot them. he says these cats are worthless because they cant walk and hunt.

    he lives on a farm and his animals have to be useful thus one reason i will not live there anymore. these cats mean so much to me i love them very much and i am hating myself for not being there but i cannot do anything but offer them a new home hopefully with you. they are sweet cats that are full of love and life. they are 5, brother and sister and are potty trained to go on puppy pads and in a dog litter box. the boy Jinx can 'walk' ok and can get up on couches and stairs and beds with hardly a tumble. his little sister Lilly cannot walk but bunny hops to get where she needs to go and needs assistance to get up on the couch they have never been apart there entire lives and i understand if it's impossible for them to stay together but id appreciate it. we need your help so desperately. if you cannot take them could you direct me towards someone who can. our local shelter refuses to help us because they have ch. i am begging you with tears in my eyes for some help.


    I am collecting the money! Debbie Martin whom most of you know for my CH Kitty Rescue Efforts thru the CH Kitty Club, Newsletter Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens page on Facebook and also thru SpecialNeeds InNeeds Crossposting Page on Facebook.

    We do not have a rescue as of yet but since this is so urgent we (Meaning the group of us who advocate rescue for CH Kitties) feel we must at this time try and raise money ASAP for this rescue effort. So we have donations in place for transport and for the person or rescue of these CH Kitties.

    If rescue cannot be found I will reimburse everybody back their money! If rescue is found I will give a full accounting of this rescue and who and where money went and why.
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