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Thread: Sad 2nd Anniversary

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    Sad 2nd Anniversary

    A picture as I remember him begging for a Bacon treat August 2,2008.It has been 2 years since my pal passed on and is now having fun playing with Dad,Ruffles,Taffy and all his other pals.We all miss you a lot down her.Myself,Mom,Marlene,Larry and the Aunties Bev and Irene.It has been hard without Fritz,think of you a lot,I wish you were here..Be good my Beloved pal.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Where are all the people here that loved Fritz,this has been on heer since 20 to 9 this morning and only 11 people have looked at it and no comments,over 500 of you looked at it last year and there were comments.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Sorry you are sad, but of course you would be missing your beloved Fritz today. Two years is not a long time and you loved and cared for Fritz so very much. It must be a comfort to have so many wonderful memories of your adorable Fritz. You gave Fritz such a wonderful life and he would always want the very best for you and your family

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    Fritz was such a handsome boy. I know that you miss him terribly, but you can rejoice in knowing that he is happy and healthy and waiting for the day that he will be with you once again.

    And please don't take the lack of response to this thread personally - I believe that it is simply a sign of the times. So many of the regular oldies that were once here appear to have jumped ship in favor of FaceBook. Why - I sure don't know, since FB just doesn't appeal to me at all. There are others with medical issues (such as with Terry), and others who just don't take the time to respond too much, and even I have been guilty of that lately. The season is a factor too - people getting ready for the season change and working around their homes, attending sporting events, etc - and don't forget that weekend responses usually are a lot fewer than weekdays too. No one is ignoring you or Fritz - just wrapped up in their own world, problems, activities, etc!

    {{{Hugs}}} Barry - and some for Heidi too! I'll toast Fritz with a non-alcoholic drink after dinner. Why don't you do the same?
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