This week marks both Mikey's 3rd Gotchya Day(today the 27th) and his 5th Birthday (29th). It's hard to believe that I've had this crazy dog for 3 years.

My life has improved a whole lot since he came into it. I honestly think I am a better person thanks to him. He isn't perfect, actually, quite the opposite. He steals things from shoes to trash. He needs prescription Xanax because of his fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. He STILL chases after some cars, but this year he has improved dramatically. He has a prey drive that drives me crazy. He steals gifts from under the tree and has almost knocked down the tree on several occasions. He needs a leash in his fenced in yard. He runs away every chance he gets and when you try to catch him thinks it's one big PLAY session. I want to KILL him when he play bows at me.

I feel like I always say this too, but despite his oddities, he is truthfully a gem. I have never met such a happy sweet dog in my entire life. When we come home we are always greeted by a wagging butt. He howls and tells us "he loves us". He only bites when he plays, and even then it doesn't hurt. He always wants to play with other dogs and animals when we see them out on hikes. He loves hiking, which is great for me. He is extremely robust and he loves adventuring with my friends and I. I have a bond with him I've never had with any other animal. I know what the phrase "who rescued who?" means now.

Overall, I don't know what I'd do without my heart dog. He adds such happiness to my life, and despite how mad everyone in my family gets at him sometimes, we our little psycho! He fits in perfectly with my slightly crazy family. Life without him would just plain suck.

Happy Birthday my little muffin man I love you.

I have some new pictures of him from our last hike. I just wanted to make this thread before I got busy again, I may not be on as often, I just have a lot to do and some things to figure out.

"Mom I found a swamp lake thingy, we should name it after me!"

"Mom I love dis grass!"

His new halloween costume.

I was eating popcorn and just had to give him some. HE LOVES POPCORN. But he didn't even budge and he woke up and saw what it was, still didn't want it. Very odd.

I just love this picture of him.