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Thread: Where is the best pet grooming class in the East Bay?

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    Where is the best pet grooming class in the East Bay?

    I would like to learn the art of Dog Grooming. I've been employed as a pet bather (I've bathed pets since childhood), but I want to be a professional groomer.

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    There are a pet grooming professional associations that will help get you started and the nice thing is that you can take some of the classes online. Here is the link for cats:

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    East Bay of where? Providence, RI? I live in the East Bay area. San Francisco? I have a friend in THAT East Bay area, lol.

    You can use Google and find a groomer forum, to ask them, but please be more specific in the area you mean!

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    My friend have been searching for pet grooming centers in East Bay, Because he was interest to know about pet grooming. After a long search he find the center, Finally he got one of the best centers in this area. He gathered some valuable information about pet grooming from the center and satisfied with that details. Finally, He said that there are only few centers are available in the East Bay for pet grooming services.

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    I Need some advice as to how to deal with a deaf, feral, ancient cat. No idea of her age as she came with the house. It's very apparent that she is quite old though. Have to keep her sequesterd in her own room, she has 3 beds, is extremly well fed. Problem is that she takin' to bellering at the top of her lungs. I haven't really slept for 3 solid days. I think I may be losing what little sanity that I did posess. I don't know how to deal with this one and I have had a lotta cats in my life It's unnerving and creepy. I think I'm gonna have have a heart attack. Seriously, I'm getting weird heart palpitations. I let her out on sunny days, not even a minute goes by and in she comes. to go to her room beller some more. She has to be in there cuz she tries to kill Mia every chance she gets. I am so tired of this. I'm quite sure she is senile and I know for a fact shes deaf

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    Just wanted to thank ya'll for the great advice. Ya right, recieved nada


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