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    Greetings from Denmark

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Marie, I am almost 26 and live in Denmark with my boyfriend, whom I have been with for 4 years now,and I am the lucky mom of 8 wonderful guinea pigs ^^
    When I am not talking to my darlings, I either draw, craft cards or write, I like expressing myself creatively and listen to music.

    There are 4 girls and 4 boys, I first got Guinevere and Freja, who turned out to be a boy, so soon after I had 5 little piggies and he was named Eros, whilst one of his daughters took over his name, because she looked alot like him, they also have Helios, the only boy, and the last girl, Iris.
    My passion for pigs grew more and more as I watched the piglets grow up and I decided to get a few more, Dag, Aiolos and his little sister Theia. Added pictures of them in an album if anyone is curious how they look =)

    They are very tame and talkative, whenever I come home from somewhere, I can hear them start talking, and they give me the most warm welcome when I walk into the room where they are. They also like sleeping under my chin, but only on the right shoulder, the left one for some reason wont do for them. I also cant get up, go to the kitchen without them starting to call, hoping a treat will fall into their cages. Even a little bit of bedding sprinkled down on them like snow makes them jump all happy like crickets, they love running through it and get all covered, I discovered one day removing wet spots and applying new bedding. They are all spoiled and loved dearly ^^

    Thanks for reading, greetings from me and all my piggies ^^
    Take care!
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