A sweet, loving and very affectionate kitty. ... He is very mischievous and full of energy. He is constantly into something or on the go. If he's not lovingly grooming his sister, he's picking on her. He doesn't just want your affection and attention, he demands it and you just can't help loving him.
Ohhh, Opie! You are orange, fluffy and beautiful! It sounds like you are still have a lot of your kitten spirit at four years old -- how much fun that must be! I would love to stroke your gorgeous floofy coat, so I hope your people will do that for me today. I'm glad you and your kitty-sister Sophie get along so well! You must bring non-stop smiles, laughter and joy to your people Happy, happy Cat of the Day to you, wonderful orangey Opie! Hugs, snuggles and lovies to you and Sophie