Eventhough I'm an RVT I still have my own flaws when it comes to taking care of my own pets, such as I have two kitties that love to eat no matter how little I leave out. I've since switched to a "low fat" version and am trying to calculate how much they will need per meal... after writing down numbers and trying to remember stuff in my head, I figured it would be easier to just make a spreadsheet for it.

So if anyone is curious to know how much they should "ideally" be feeding their pets based off their RESTING energy requirements (for example, this shows Jamie only needing a little over 1 cup a day but we feed her 3/4c-1c twice a day) I have a spreadsheet if you want it, haha.

NOTE: I realized on the final column where it says BID feedings, I forgot to divide those numbers by 2, so in the screen shot it is showing their TOTAL cups of food for the whole day despite the fact I labeled it as BID.