Greeting Felix in beautiful Stockholm! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your proud person, too! Oh yes, I certainly do find you amazing, in SO many ways, and truly deserving of your Pet of the Day honors!
What a beautiful Budgie boy you are, Felix; your coloring is breathtaking! Nature broke the mold when it created "Budgie blue!!!"
How very lucky your person is, having had a best feathered friend in you these many years; a fun loving, personality packed best buddy to grow up with! I laughed out loud, reading how you "put your claw down" whenever your family falls out of line! What are they thinking...leaving you for even a day! Of course they are there to do your bidding, to dote over you every waking minute, and I don't think they'd have it any other way!
Thanks for starting my day off with a BIG smile, beautiful boy! Enjoy a very happy, extra special day of celebration, being spoiled to the max! And here's to many more zany, joyful, fun filled years with your devoted person!
Love, gentle cuddles and little *kisses* to you, amazing Felix!