This is a desperate, hoarding situation.

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Sherri from Hartford Animal Control is reaching out to anyone who can help. A woman has 18+ cats that she is not caring for. They are all loose and roaming in the neighborhood of Hartford! Some are feral, and some are semi-feral. Ages range from kitten to adult. Some cats have upper respiratory infections. If these cats are not rescued within the next 24 to 48 hours, they will be euthanized. Hartford has no other choice. Sherri is willing to help trap the cats if you are willing to help save one, two, or more of them. Please do not call her unless you are able to SAVE a life. She does not want to euthanize but may have no choice if rescues/people cannot help. If you can save a cat (or more) please contact Sherri at 860-305-6764. Thank you!

PLEASE!! If you leave ANYWHERE near Hartford and can help by taking even just one!! I'm maxed out, unfortunately.