Callie is turning out to be a pretty darn good animal resuer. She found Mikey, now she found this odd looking cat at the bus stop as we sent Cam to school:

Trixie is trying to figure him out

I guess you're ok, but you certainly are a strange looking cat.

Mikey's still trying to figure out what to make of him.

Callie is acting like the bumbling idiot I know and love. He's just walking around sniffing everything and ignoring the cats. He's a sweet dog. I've been on the phone all morning with the police trying to find his home. They wanted to send a cop over to take him to the Animal Rescue League and I said, "no way!" I told them that I would prefer he stay lost in a home rather than a cage. They have all my contact info. They have his rabies license number from his collar/tag.

I just hope they find his family soon because I do not want to adopt a lost chi!