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Thread: Our few weeks at the blueberry fields *pic heavy*

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    Our few weeks at the blueberry fields *pic heavy*

    My uncle has 4 blueberry fields that got harvested this year. I was around for most of the day for about 3 weeks. It was long boring days with not much to do so I had Clover with me a lot for company She got a lot of time to run around the fields and eat blueberries (which she loves btw) I took a bunch of random pictures I thought I'd share.

    He also works with bees and uses them for the berries as well. I THINK this is a honey bee? There were tons of wasps or yellow jackets, bumble bees, and honey bees around.

    Clover will put everything in her mouth :/

    She likes to stop and smell the flowers

    She's always "smiling"

    More coming

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    "It was awful nice of dem guyz to leave dis here fer me"

    These are the bins she jumped into They were stacked in 2's though.

    Since we got Coyotes here a while back the foxes have moved in town. I love seeing them around.

    Is this one a bumble bee? I duno, but he's so fuzzy and cute

    One more coming

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    My poor baby got stung twice during the 2-3 weeks we were there You can see her puffy lip. She tries to eat them...

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Wonderful photos!! I enjoyed every one of them. Your blueberries are later than ours in North Carolina. My friend picked some for us back in late July-early August. Your Clover girl is so pretty; I've said it before but her eyes are lovely. Thanks for sharing the pictures--very nice.

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    Great photos, the first two are quite striking! Next time I am at the grocery store, I bet the blueberries I see will be from Canada! And Clover, bees are NOT for chomping, silly girl! You need them to pollinate the flowers for the blueberries you like to eat!
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    Awww, Clover! I'm sorry that you got stung by a bee. Ouch! But I love the pictures of you having fun outdoors and stopping to smell the flowers! Happy girl!
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