Subject: Re: ACC scheduled actions to destroy disabled and hospice cats

Please ALL of my Rescue Friends email these people!! This is not right when she providing great care to hospice cats. They should not kill cats that are well cared for because she is over the 4 cat rule!!!

Sonoma County Animal Care and Control (ACC) inspected the property of Lynn Styles, director of "TaraSun Rescue and Refuge" in early March. The ACC officer found the care Lynn provides ...
to be excellent, without exception, but said Lynn was over the "four cat limit" allowed by the County, and she would have to reduce her number to four.

TaraSun is a 20 year old, nonprofit "sanctuary" for ...disabled and older cats, funded by Lynn and her husband John. Lynn, a nurse, provides specialized care for each cat, including hospice care. 95% of the cats are not adoptable and live with Lynn for the rest of their lives.

Lynn has met with her Supervisor Efren Carrillo and with Amy Cooper (director of ACC) and with the chief ACC Officer Crane, asking for an exception or variance. Their response: We must enforce the law. Period.

These cats are scheduled to be removed on Thursday, 9.20.12. Those who are not adoptable will be killed. Essentially, ACC will use scarce taxpayer resources to remove cats who are receiving excellent care (at no taxpayer expense) and kill them. There is no reason whatsoever this "four cat limit" should be applied to rescues/shelters/sanctuaries unless there is a finding of abuse, neglect or public nuisance (none the case with Lynn).

Please send to supervisors and assistants:
District 1. [email protected] and [email protected]
District 2. [email protected] and [email protected]
District 3. [email protected] and [email protected]
District 4. [email protected] and [email protected]
District 5. [email protected] and [email protected]

Please copy Amy Cooper, Director of Animal Care and Control [email protected]
Dear Supervisors:

As a constituent / concerned citizen, I strongly urge you to:

1. Halt the ACC action scheduled for 9.20.12 against TaraSun, a nonprofit sanctuary in Sebastopol. Do not use taxpayer money to destroy these disabled and hospice cats who, by the ACC's own determination, are receiving excellent care. Lynn Styles, a nurse and TaraSun director, is giving these animals specialized care, unavailable elsewhere, all at her own expense. ACC's only issue is that TaraSun exceeds the County's four cat limit.

2. Review County ordinances and recognize that nonprofit rescue/shelters/sanctuaries are and should be exempt from ordinance licensure requirements, including the four cat limit.

3. Completely eliminate the four cat limit in Sonoma County (for all residents). It is intrusive, unwarranted and counter-productive, and enforcement of said law is a waste of tax payers money.

4. ACC intervention should be limited to cases where cats are abused, neglected or where there are issues of nuisance.

Thank you,

Thank you,
Jennifer Sisson