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    Heidi staring at me Tuesday afternoon,think she was wanting supper,after I put her to bed Tuesday night,she gets a belly rub before I take her to bed ,snoozing in the sunshine on Wednesday,flipped over on her back Thursday and out in the snow last night,hadn't snowed a great deal by that point,it has now,maybe over 6 inches by now,there is a big drift on the front step to the front door.Last night,Heidi had two or three snacks of bones,she sees us eating and think she has to eat too.She was out a few times,she had plays with the rubber ball,I throw she brings it back,she moves away form me and keeps the ball.She always comes in on the run form being outside,she is full of fresh air,When not eating,was snoozing behind my chair and when I moved to the couch she got right beside me,came back to the computer and was snoozing behind me again.This morning shat with me upstairs,has been out,not to far,had her snack,is under the chair right now,head stuck through form the front of the chair in front of the computer.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.


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