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    Heidi Kissing and Resting

    Heidi giving me a kiss Friday morning the chair and then resting on my leg.Last night,she had her snacks,was out a few times,once she was barking,went and let her in,she came barreling down the stairs growling and then had a blitz around the rec room and then grabbed the red bone and wanted to play.After I played with her she snoozed at Mom's feet and with me before going to bed.this morning, greeted Mom after breakfast.had a roll on the carpet,chewed on the bone,was with me in the chair looking out,saw people and her tail went.After in the morning,was down here resting,had her up before church,she was hiding under the end table,wouldn't come out.,she finally did,I had forgot to take her harness off after the walk.She was waiting down here after we came back from church,had her bones,had supper at 20 after 1,time change didn't bother her,is listening to Mom,she is in the laundry room.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.


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