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    Heidi Relaxin

    Heidi having a relaxing snooze beside me Friday night.We were later with the walk yesterday,Heidi had peed on Mom's blanket on her chair in the living room.Before this I had 3 lawns to do,Heidi was down here snoozing in the sun in front of the old stereo.After I was done grass,she was here with me downstairs,then up for supper after 2,I had 1 more lawn to do later,she had 2 snacks last night and water,stayed under my chair,Mom had a church unit meeting,before bed went to the couch and she was up there with me then down with Mom.Sat with me after breakfast,saw my Uncle putting things in the recycling boxes and her tail went,went to Mom and was with her and at my feet before the walk,I had Marlene's lawn to do,she was down here,had her snack after I got back,now on her side snoozing,Mom doing Meals on Wheels then going to lunch this afternoon with Doreen and Marlene.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.


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