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    Heidi around the house 1

    Heidi resting after the walk this morning,this thread will be about Heidi's doings around the house.Heidi stayed down here when we went to church,had her bone snack after we got back,came down here with me and rested,had her supper around 2,had our an hour or so later,it was Roast Beef ,Turnip and Potatoes.The Eagles had a pre season game against Uxbridge last night,lost 4-2,regular season starts on Friday at 7 against the Port Perry Mojacks,to start defense of the league championship.Heidi missed me while I was there,she was back and forth to the gate looking to the bar room for me to come home,Mom told her I was gone,she was very happy to see me,jumping up at me and when I sat down on the couch,she gave me kisses.Today,I had three lawns to do including our own,I raked dead grass in three spots on our lawn and put fertilizer on it so it can start turning green again ,rain tomorrow morning should help with that.She was out on the patio after I done the grass,Mom gave Heidi her bone treat.Mom gone to do gift shop,Heidi having a snooze in the chair,had her supper,is snoring right now.Marlene went with Shannon today to Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto for Samantha's annual MRI checkup on the shunt in her head,I am sure it went well.
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