This thread is for pictures of Heidi's walks,this suggestion came from Annette(chocolatepuppy)I thank her for it.First two are of Heidi's walk on Sunday morning,as usual,she bugged me by pawing at me and then comes after me,nipping at my feet.It was a cold morning for a walk 41F,we did see one dog on this walk,Buddy the German Shepherd,he was out in his backyard barking at us as we went by,Heidi on today's walk,she got a little wet by walking in some grass,she was pu in the chair to start with to mom and back up with me then got down and wanted to go on a walk,she was nipping at me feet again,bit a small toe of mine,wasn't happy with her.We walked up Jane Street,the crossing guard was in her car,she didn't see us,most times Heidi wants to go early and the crossing guard doesn't start until 8 a.m.It was a little warmer today 48F,probably no walk tomorrow,rain in the morning.