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    Hi guys,

    Mom's been one busy bee recently. She's started some thing called "COLLEGE" recently, again...she really needs to get her priorities in order! She's also been hanging with some boy lately, but he really like me and I approve of him, so it's all cool. He even took Mom and I hiking the other day. It was fun, I was good, 'cept for tryin' to eat a BIG toad.

    Dis was in the boys big truck, mom REALLY likes that truck.

    Dis is me chillin' on a dock. Mom said I look ADORABLE in dis pic.

    Dis was me in the tailgate. I liked it, Mom wouldn't let me ride in it though. She said she hates when people put dogs in the back like that.

    Dis is me getting bored with her explanation. I don't think I'm THAT RUDE.

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    Well, if he meets your approval, he's okay with us! Glad she took time out for a day of hiking with her best boy (you) and the new guy!
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    Mikey, you are adorable in all the photos, I can just imagine you in "person," a real charmer, lol. Loved seeing you in da big truck! And I am glad you didn't ride in the back. Around here that is no illegal.

    I guess you learned: ya don't EAT big toads, ha ha haaa! Did he make your mouth all slimey? I forget if it is frogs or toads, they secrete something when they get scared, and it makes the 'predator' drop them. Then the "predator" is stuck with a yucky slimey mouth for awhile. Happened to one of my dogs when I was young, once we knew why she was all foamy, we thought it was hilarious.

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    It sounds like you had a fun day Mikey! Oh no, stay away from those big toads!
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    I agree with Freedom! Mikey, you are adorable in every pic!
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    Hey there Mikey. You look really cool hanging out on the back of that truck. Everyone can tell you own the place

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    Mikey, you are adorable in all the pics. I'd stay away from those toads though, yuck! Glad you and your mom had a good time.
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