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Thread: Meet my new fella...

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    Meet my new fella...

    I said “MY” new fella, because Sophie doesn’t want anything to do with this little guy…

    Poor thing started coming to our home some months ago, I thought he was giving Sophie a hard time and being bully with her and I used to make noises to scare him off, but then I realized it was HER who got extremely mad and dramatic every time he was around because he never did anything, so now I just keep the door closed and let the little guy hang around in the laundry area -especially on rainy evenings- and try to distract Sophie to keep her away from him.

    I also leave food and water for him every night and before leaving for work every morning (I even bought him his own food)…. And I always find the plate empty!

    I’ve never touched him, he's always scared and shy, but he doesn’t run away anymore when he sees me, maybe one of these days I’ll get to pet him

    I don’t know where is he from, I think he’s homeless because he looks very skinny and weak, and so dirty and doesn’t look young to me, but he has a sweet look on his eyes

    Oh, his name? My boyfriend named him “Sancho”…. I don’t know why, but it just stuck so he’s our little Sancho now.

    Maybe he doesn’t have a home, but he has now a little shelter here, with his very own food, clean water and a little cardboard bed on the washing machine to take naps and spend the night… and someone who gets worried whenever he doesn’t show (ME)

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    HI PT FRIENDS!!!!!
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